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About Company

Custom is a Hi-Tech Solutions Company, dedicated to vertical and specialized markets integrates skills, know-how and technology based on hardware and software platforms and pre and post-sale services. Founded in Parma, Italy in 1992 by Carlo Stradi and Alberto Campanini, every year Custom reinvests in technology, innovation and resources so it is always one step ahead of the market’s needs. The goal of continuing investments in technology, human resources and ongoing research is to offer integrated solutions and value-added services to meet our partners’ needs, while also supporting them with multi-industry solutions. Speed, technology and energy are the strategic values our work is based on. One component of the company’s mindset is the use of lateral thinking. It can combine different professional expertise and vertical, yet synergistic know-how to ensure unique benefits and advantages.


CUSTOM SPA - Via Berettine, 2 - 43010 Fontevivo (PR) - Italia