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The rugged device with high sealing rate(IP67) totally meet requirement of tough industrial environment with high stability and wearable to use. When handheld terminals to be used you might meet these problems: can't be operated with glove or in the dusty or rainy environment, no shortcut key to help……We thought that the handheld device with physical keys would fit better for industrial applications! AUTOID9 is concerned of user operating experience, adopts keyboard virtual keys and physical keys to solve the above mentioned problems without any compromise of portability.

Key Features

  • CPU
    Cortex™-A53 Quad-Core 1.2GHz
  • Operating System
    Android 5.1
    2GB/16GB, Micro SD Card , 32GB SDHC compatible
  • Interface / Communication
    Industrial Micro USB interface,support USB2.0 High Speed ; support USB OTG, supports serial port communication ( optional )
  • Keyboard
    17/22 buttons ( backlight )
  • Display
    4 inch industrial grade and cold resistance IPS screen ,capacitive touch ,dual mode touch-with or without a thick glove / with or without wet hand 800(W)×480(L)(WVGA)
  • WiFi
    IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n(2.4G / 5G Dual frequency WIFI)
  • 4G & 3G
    GSM:Quad band(850/900/1800/1900Mhz)
  • Sealing rate, Drop Specification
    IP67, 1.5m drops


Introduction of Seuic AUTOID9

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About Company

Seuic's Advantages:
1. Quality and performance. As a company founded by China's elite talent team and most authoritive national R&D institution, Seuic is China's national team in the AUTOID industry. Fifteen years investments and practice in inhouse R&D, quality improvement and manufacturing enable Seuic to provide products that work as well as or even better than the products from celebrity brands.
2.China has the world's largest logistics industry. As China's top brand for AIDC mobile computers, Seuic now sells around 300 thousand units in China per year. The big quantity enables Seuic influential power in the upstream supply chain and the capability to offer more affordable prices.
3.China's logistics industry has quickly utilized the world's most advanced technologies and Seuic is a main facilitator of this process. Fifteen years' deployment experience in the huge Chinese market has given Seuic strong expertise and capability.
Seuic's Internationalization Strat


Nanjing, China