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Touch Computer

TD-0350 3.5" Touch Panel-PC

By Qbic Technology Co.,Ltd.



TD-0350 is a 3.5" smart booking touch Panel PC with embedded NFC allowing instant check-in/out of hot desking and desk hoteling environments. Users can identify the occupancy of the workspace from the vibrant status LED light. The centralized management system both reduces cost of real estate, human resources and increase space utilization.

Key Features

  • NFC embedded 3.5" Smart Touch Panel-PC
    The TD-0350 touchscreen Panel-PC is designed with embedded NFC & RFID reader to assist with rapid booking, hot desking and workplace management. Clients may also integrate an ecosystem of facility management features into the TD-0350, for example access control, smart building control systems etc.


A look into the next generation 3.5" Touch Panel-PC with programmable front lit LED status light.

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