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Rufus WorkHero

By Rufus Labs



Rufus WorkHero is a productivity platform for the evolving workplace (Industry 4.0) and the connected operator. Comprised of machine learning software and rugged hardware built for the needs of enterprise, the Rufus WorkHero platform integrates with existing WMS/ERP systems and connects workers to each other and to automation. Interconnectivity allows for optimal coordination between humans & machines, improving efficiency and safety on the job.

- EVERYTHING YOU NEED: Rufus enterprise hardware, software, and services for one monthly fee. All your workers covered. All the time. Zero downtime.
- FLEXIBILITY: Your workforce changes with peak seasons. Our platform flexes with you for as long as you need it. Double your workforce for the holidays? WorkHero makes sure all your team is covered with tech.
- VISIBILITY: High level and individual team member metrics give operations managers decision making intelligence and insight into their teams they've never seen before.
- RETENTION: The happiest workforces are those that have the best technology to get work done effectively. With lightweight and ergonomic wearables and intuitive software built for industrial use, WorkHero makes work easier, allowing your team to get the job done.
- SUPERHUMAN SUPPORT: With 24/7/7 support, unlimited break & replace, and extra hardware on site, WorkHero assures zero downtime, giving our customers unmatched efficiency gains.

Key Features

    Rufus WorkHero gives your operations everything you need to be more productive, efficient and safe in the workplace. Advanced wearable tech, machine learning software and dashboard analytics. Improve efficiency by 20% on day one.
    Reach your team any time. One on one, group chat, or emergency broadcast alerts to every worker on the floor. We have you covered with WorkHero chat and emergency alerts.
    Learn from your team's work and use historical trends to improve operational efficiency & productivity.
    WorkHero works with most major Android and Web based WMS/ERP systems with little to no integration required. Our suite of WorkHero tools wrap around your existing systems, allowing minimal interruption to operations when upgrading to Rufus.
    Operations managers and admins have access to the Rufus WorkHero dashboard, giving unprecedented visibility into warehouse and facility operations at a top level and at an individual team member level. Understanding pick rates, labor cost, and more are just the start of what the WorkHero dashboard offers our customers.
    The industrial workforce is never static and can often times need to scale rapidly due to seasonal demand or operational growth. Rufus Flex allows customers to increase subscriptions during peak times without expending large resources to purchase tools that go unused after peak season ends.
    Rufus wearables are rugged, tough, and built for industry. Drop them, run them over with forklifts and give them your worst. Rufus tech is not off-the-shelf… it’s designed to be worn all day comfortably, to reduce worker strain, to keep working after the inevitable drop. Hardware and software are designed for one purpose - WORK.
    Today's industrial work environment places humans alongside automated systems, robotics, and heavy machinery. While efficient, the risk of dangerous workplace incidents has never been higher. Rufus is dedicated to keeping workers safe alongside automation with software features like Emergency Broadcast & Incident Reporting.


Rufus Workhero Dashboard

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About Company

Rufus Labs builds the most advanced connected operator platform for enterprise.

A leader in innovation, the Rufus WorkHero platform utilizes rugged wearable technology, enterprise software and best-in-class support to help our customers improve job site effectiveness and bring never before seen visibility to managers, allowing for smarter, more informed decisions.


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