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Identity & Authentication

Hypergate Authenticator | Android & iOS

By Hypergate



Hypergate Authenticator is a managed application on the mobile device that delivers a seamless and secure Single Sign-On solution integrating directly with your Active Directory.

The solution leverages the industry standard Kerberos protocol to provide the best possible user experience without compromising on security. Enable SSO specifically with Android Enterprise which is otherwise not available.

Key Features

  • Self Service Password Reset
    Mobile users will now be prompted when their Active Directory passwords expire and have the option to reset the password from their mobile device. MFA can be used in situations were users have forgotten their passwords all together and need to select a new one. New Password requirements are those configured on the AD and any passwords changes on the mobile device are reflected on all other OS.
  • Enables Kerberos SSO Within Minutes Not Months
    Hypergate is fast, not only when interacting with the User, also when implementing it. Enable your Users with Kerberos authentication by simply pushing Hypergate on their device.
  • No Infrastructure Changes Needed
    Hypergate simulates a secure Smart Card logon and handles the native Kerberos protocol just like any other workstation in your network. The communication happens directly with your KDC (Domain Controller), no additional backend component needs to be installed.
  • Zero User Touch
    With Hypergate’s easy implementation, the best thing is that the end-user will never interact with Hypergate directly. All requests are handled in the background, your user can happily enjoy their login-free SSO experience.
  • SmartAccess
    Allows IT-administrators, to control when, where and how the employees get access to specific data. To enable the SmartAccess service no additional infrastructure or network is needed.
  • Certificate based Authentication
    Looking to only allow employee access to application on managed device? Enhance your Username and Password security with Certificate authentication or get rid of it all together and utilize certificate auth on its own or paired with MFA like Biometrics.


Introducing Hypergate - Android Enterprise Authentication

Hyperate Authenticator compared to no SSO

Hypergate Authenticator Self-Service Password Reset Feature (SSPR)

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About Company

Hypergate leverages your existing infrastructure and enables your employees to access company resources on their Android Enterprise and iOS smartphones like they are used to with a computer.

Based out of Switzerland and providing mobile first solutions with a focus on users experience and security.


Dammstrasse 16, Zug, 6300, CH