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Circlon Operate

By PDS Entwicklungs- und Service GmbH



Web-based and manufacturer-independent device management for mobile IT that helps businesses to manage their hardware and also provides meaningful data and evaluations for optimizing device usage, resulting in less downtime and reduced total cost of ownership. Circlon Operate can individually determine and visualize the KPIs (key performance indicators) for the device pool from the various information and supports predictive maintenance to generate early notifications on impending device failures and enables corresponding measures to be taken.

Key Features

  • Asset Management
    Register all your mobile devices including further peripherals, such as batteries, SIM cards or cradles, including all its service contracts and their run-times. Add peak devices in times of heavy traffic and remove them from the circulation when necessary.
  • Repair Management
    Let users submit RMAs for broken assets, work on your customers RMAs and let them track status in real time. Provide staged exchange devices upfront to minimize downtime and manage a web of exchange device pools and repair centers.
  • User Management
    Circlon Operate represents your entire enterprise on unlimited hierarchic levels. User are tied to these levels and locations to restrict their access to assets they're responsible for. Users' rights and permissions are granted by assignment of self-defined user roles.
  • Model Management
    Device models can be added customer-specific, providing an individual amount of symptom codes users can pick from in case of a failure and carrying a location-specific assignment to service and repair centers.
  • Language Management
    Additional languages can be easily added to the system by just providing a table of translations.
  • Key Performance Indicators
    Circlon Operate calculates individually defined KPIs based on data streams, either from internal processes, or from 3rd party systems that can be easily connected. For any user, KPIs are calculated on an individual data horizon to illustrate at one sight if business is running well.

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About Company

PDS Entwicklungs- und Service GmbH is based in Cologne and offers its customers consulting, planning, implementation, and service in all areas of the mobile IT world, drawing on over 30 years of experience. Together with system development and integration, PDS also supplies the right hardware for mobile data capturing.


Ettore-Bugatti-Str. 35
51149 Cologne