iOS Agent



October 30, 2023

Download the iOS device agent from the iTunes Store

Changes to Version Numbering

Going forward, the versioning of all SOTI products is being changed to provide a more consistent label that better reflects the timing of the release. 2024.0 is the next release after 13.4.6 for the SOTI MobiControl iOS agent, and all following releases will use this numbering convention.

Release Highlights

iOS 17 Support

We now offer full support for iOS 17! Take advantage of the latest features and enhancements by upgrading your devices today.

UI and User Experience Upgrade

Our iOS agent for MobiControl has undergone a complete UI and user experience overhaul! From navigation to device sharing to messaging, discover an improved, sleek, user-friendly interface that enhances your mobile management experience.


Enrolling Device using Enrollment ID

In version 2024.0.0 and above of the SOTI MobiControl iOS agent, support for enrolling an iOS device by submitting the enrollment ID is removed. The enrollment options still available to enroll an iOS device are via automated device enrollment or by manually typing the enrollment URL in the device’s browser. The MobiControl agent will be automatically configured once it’s been installed after getting delivered to the device via App Policy.