Settings Manager



October 05, 2023

Changes to Version Numbering

Going forward, the versioning of all SOTI products is being changed to provide a more consistent label that better reflects the timing of the release. 2024.0 is the next release after 15.6 for Settings Manager, and all following releases will use this numbering convention.

Resolved Issues

Configure Mobile Data Access Points

Admins can now configure whether device users can access device settings, and enable or prevent those users from managing their APNs.

Manage Device Security

Admins can enable users to manage their own device security, including the ability to change their device PINs or password from Settings Manager.

Manual Sync with SNTP Server

User can now sync their device's date and time with the data from SNTP servers if the device does not sync automatically.

Toggle for Flashlight

You can now toggle the permission to enable users to use their device’s flashlight.

Customise Access to Sections

You can now configure what sections of Settings Manager device users can access. You can even specify a section outside of the main screen as the default landing screen.