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RX10H Fully Rugged Tablet

By Getac



The RX10H Healthcare Tablet delivers on every critical factor - from its antimicrobial surface and comfortable design to the 10.1" LumiBond® display and built-in array of security and data tools.

Key Features

  • Meets the Demands Of Day-to-Day Patient Care.
    The RX10H’s thin, ergonomic design and no-slip grip make it comfortable to carry through an entire work shift. The broad, contoured handle hangs easily from any hook — and the body is built to withstand continuous sanitation for long lasting durability.
  • Antimicrobial Surface Coating.
    The RX10H’s exterior is made with an antimicrobial material that resists infectious contaminants.
  • Sanitize Without Wear & Tear.
    Built to handle constant cleaning from major sanitizing agents & certified safe from electrostatic discharge.
  • Hardened-Armor Design.
    Proprietary polymer & double injection technology deliver uncompromised durability & impact resistance.
  • Built To Last. Powered To Perform.
    With incredible strength and resilience, the RX10H is engineered to keep working for as long as you do, regardless of any drops, tumbles or exposure to hazardous liquids.
  • Durable Certified.
    The RX10H is rigorously field-tested and MIL-STD810G & IP65 Certified by an independent testing lab to meet or exceed test-rating criteria for shocks, falls, fluid spills, vibrations and dust.
  • Power You Can Depend On
    The RX10H offers potentially limitless battery life. Getac's LifeSupport™ battery system allows you to swap new batteries in and out without shutting down. When it's time to recharge, the special adapter is certified safe to use in hospital environments.
  • Vibrant 10.1" Full HD Touch Display.
    Closely examine charts, parse out fine details and read patient information in exceptionally high clarity, color and readability,
    at an extreme 178° viewing angle.
  • LumiBond® 2.0: Glove-Sensitive, Responsive & Resilient.
    The RX10H display offers glove-sensitive multi-touch functionality with greater readability and sensitivity without compromising durability. By bonding the glass with the touch panel and LCD, Getac LumiBond® technology creates a single pane that's more durable, readable and works while wearing gloves.
  • Securely Collect, Manage<br>& Share Healthcare Data.
    Other tablets make you choose between features. The RX10H offers every security authentication and data capture technology you'll need – and features several high- speed connectivity options to easily send and receive data anytime.
  • NFC / RFID Reader.
    Easily capture data via Near Field or Radio Frequency transmission.
  • Ergonomic Barcode Scanner.
    Embedded in the left side to easily point and scan patient wristbands, labels and more.
  • Fingerprint Scanner.
    Authenticate your credentials with personalized ID verification.

About Company

Since 1989, Getac has been manufacturing rugged computers for some of the most demanding users in some of the most demanding environments. As one of the leading rugged computer manufacturers, Getac offers the most extensive rugged computing product lines including notebook, tablets and handheld computers.


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