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Mobile Computers

RS35 Touch Mobile Computer

By CipherLab



The RS35 is a 5.5" touch mobile computer with a smartphone-style design, providing reliable Wi-Fi, GPS/AGPS for navigation, and route planning. It excels in 1D/2D barcode reading, HF RFID, and NFC applications. The hot-swap capability enables seamless battery replacement without device shutdown.

Key Features

  • Data Capture with Agile Performances
    The RS35 excels in 1D / 2D barcode scanning, HF RFID, NFC and UHF RFID applications. Its agile reading ensures performance, even in poorly printed barcodes. LED lights and beepers provide visual/audio confirmations, minimizing missed scans. The optional 70-degree tilting enhances reading from various angles.
  • Instant Access to Online Information with Seamless Wi-Fi Connection
    The RS35 ensures seamless in-store communication with reliable Wi-Fi connectivity and supports fast roaming to enhance store operations. The Push-to-talk function, featuring noise reduction and echo cancellation, allows effortless retail communication. Accurate route planning, enabled by RS35's GPS/A-GPS, enhances customer experience, making it ideal for last-mile delivery and transportation.
  • Protection Against Drops and Tough Environments
    RS35's rugged design includes IP65 and IP67 ratings, up to 1.8m drop resistance, and 500 tumbles at 0.5m, ideal for demanding use. Corning Gorilla Glass shields the screen from scratches. With wide operating temperatures, the RS35 excels in various environments and conditions.
  • Intuitive and User-friendly Experience with User-centric Designs
    User-centric design is pivotal for the RS35, resembling a smartphone for familiarity and quicker learning. Its 5.5-inch screen displays more info clearly, reducing input errors. The multi-touch panel accommodates wet, gloved fingers, and stylus, catering to diverse environments. Slim and lightweight, it's effortlessly portable for all users.
  • Dependable Performance that is Long-lasting
    Running on Android 10 with an Octa-core 1.8 GHz CPU, 3GB RAM/32GB ROM (expandable), the RS35 supports diverse applications and data. The rechargeable 4000 mAh battery empowers 12 hours of productivity. The RS35's hot-swap feature allows uninterrupted battery replacement without data loss.


CipherLab’s RS35 combines enterprise-class features with a pocket-sized rugged consumer-style smartphone. It emphasizes versatile capabilities to enhance customer experience, convenience, and efficiency. The RS35 provides competitive advantages, enabling the mobile workforce to achieve more in less time.

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CipherLab is a world leader in AIDC solutions for a wide range of industries. CipherLab's expertise is at the convergence of scanning, mobile computing, and business process design. This results in more efficient supply chains, field sales services, retail operation and reduced cost of doing business in almost every sector. Our skilled network of reliable partners delivers successful solutions to small, medium and enterprise businesses that chose CipherLab for value, performance and quality.


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