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Mobile Computers

CipherLab RS51 Series

By CipherLab



CipherLab’s RS51 series inherited the advantages with enhanced functions to provide smarter and more efficient operation for business’ every-day usage. Its future-proof and upgradeable feature are highly adaptable to future changes. The RS51 series has a comprehensive data capturing capabilities. Along with strong mobility options such as Wi-Fi and 4G /LTE, its enterprise functionality is protected by advanced rugged designs. On top of it all, CipherLab’s RS51 mobile computer offers value-added utilities and software that empowers enterprises a solution to manage and simplify business operations and maintenance.

Key Features

  • A Future Proof Device that is Adaptable to Future Changes
    As an Android Enterprise Recommended (AER) device users will have support for multiple versions of the Android OS. The RS51 series is future proofed with Android 8.0 operating system and is upgradable to later Android version which maximizes device investment.
  • Reliable Field Mobility Makes Operation Easy Inside and Out
    Your business and field workers can enjoy reliable cellular and Wi-Fi support. You never have to worry about facilitating large file transfers, video calls and remote access to backend systems with its 4G/ LTE.
  • All Your Data Capturing Needs in One Device
    CipherLab RS51’s versatile data collection supports 1D and 2D barcodes with comprehensive abilities to capture data in milliseconds, even if the barcode is in poor condition. The option of mid-range reader makes barcode capture in the warehouse effortless.
  • Ergonomic Design Centered On Usability
    CipherLab RS51’s user-centered design is easy to use all day long. The auto-adjustable backlight and sunlight visibility ensures screen readability in or out the field. Regardless of wearing gloves or having wet fingers, the RS51’s multi-touch panel and stylus input has it covered. Options of 4000 mAh and 5300 mAh replaceable batteries cover a minimum of 12 hour operation.
  • Complete Value-added Utilities and Software
    Not only hardware, CipherLab provides a complete solution for your software needs. The RS51 is compatible with various self-owned and 3rd party software to provide your business a complete mobile office solution.


CipherLab RS51 series product introduction video

Additional Resources

RS51 Brochure.pdf

RS51 Brochure.pdf

About Company

CipherLab is a world leader in AIDC solutions for a wide range of industries. CipherLab's expertise is at the convergence of scanning, mobile computing, and business process design. This results in more efficient supply chains, field sales services, retail operation and reduced cost of doing business in almost every sector. Our skilled network of reliable partners delivers successful solutions to small, medium and enterprise businesses that chose CipherLab for value, performance and quality.


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