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Professional Services

FindFix Professional Service by Connect Inc.

By Connect Incorporated



When mobile system inefficiencies go unchecked, mobile data collections operations slow and productivity and the business suffers. Connect Inc.'s combination of specialized software for troubleshooting and over two decades of expertise can quickly get operations running again.

Key Features

  • Fault Isolation
    Most troubleshooting is delayed by incomplete data, sending teams on wild goose chases. Observation of the problem in real-time with complete visibility is key to getting to a root cause and resolution.
  • Root Cause Analysis
    Finding a needle in a haystack is often what troubleshooters feel they are up against when trying to make sense of siloed mobile system data. Connect Inc finds the needle in the haystack quickly with data to back up the analysis.
  • Resolution
    Armed with a unique set of capabilities and software tools, Connect Inc often can apply a resolution directly.

About Company

Since 1991 Connect Inc has been making wireless simpler, smarter and faster with high performing and stable software and industry recognized product and customer support.


Chicago, Illinois USA