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Enterprise Mobility Management

Mobile Systems Intelligence by Connect Inc.

By Connect Incorporated



The mobile system comprises three connected systems - host applications, wireless networks, and mobile devices and users. Mobile Systems Intelligence ensures that together those systems perform at their best. The solution is backed by the Connect Virtual Appliance developed by Connect Inc while supporting millions of mobile workers over 26 years. The CVA is: 1) Powerful diagnostics that provide deep mobile transactional data and analysis to quickly pinpoint root causes of mobile-user complaints; 2) Optimization of mobile transactions to deliver sub - second response times; 3) Always-on monitoring of the mobile user experience with customized alerts and instant support ticket generation.
Those who implement this software and associated support services measurably improve the productivity of mobile users, reduce the cost of IT helpdesk, and overall reduce the cost to own and run mobile systems.

Key Features

  • Diagnostics for Mobile Data Collections
    Troubleshooting mobile user complaints is frustrating and expensive. What is needed is a level of visibility that allows for observation of the mobile user performance issues as they happen that distinguishes between the device, networks, application and user as the root cause of poor mobile user experience.
  • Always-On, Agentless Monitoring
    With upgrades to applications, networks and devices, it is important to know baseline performance and then track how changes to the mobile system impact your mobile workforce. Is 1 second response time normal or exceptional? Get all the info at your fingertips via a single interface to benchmark and improve the infrastructure supporting your mission critical mobile users.
  • Alerts, Reporting, and Support Ticket Generation
    Aside from an in-person complaint, how can a company know if their hundreds or thousands of mobile users are getting poor performance and unable to complete their tasks? User Reporting and Alerts allows mobile users to input feedback directly into the transaction details. IT support teams can build alerts for exceeded thresholds then quickly isolate the problem, resolve, and validate the fix.
  • Optimization
    Does your business demand sub-second response times all the time? Most do but often struggle to both know what their response times are and where to focus efforts. The CVA has built-in, proprietary optimization tools allowing IT and Operations teams to get the performance and productivity business demands.

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Mobile Systems Intelligence by CONNECT INC.pdf

Mobile Systems Intelligence by CONNECT INC.pdf

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Since 1991 Connect Inc has been making wireless simpler, smarter and faster with high performing and stable software and industry recognized product and customer support.


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