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Zebra Operational Visibility Service (OVS)

By Zebra Technologies Corporation



Operational Visibility Service (OVS) with MobiControl

Take the mystery out of gauging business critical asset performance to improve business productivity

Device invisibility is the enemy of any organization. Maximize your investment in Zebra mobile computers and printers by getting visibility into operational information — the asset-centric and operational performance information you need to be proactive rather than reactive, increasing device
availability and workforce productivity.

Device visibility is closer than you think. Boost deeper understanding and efficiency gains by understanding:
• Where your devices are
• How they’re performing
• If they’re being fully utilized
• If they’re properly configured with a fully charged battery
• and much more . . .

Zebra OVS and OVS-Connect, in conjunction with SOTI MobiControl, offer the
most complete device management solution available today - providing
the comprehensive deep visibility into Zebra mobile computers and printers
required to best manage these key investments to meet two key business
objectives: maximize workforce productivity and business efficiency.
OVS includes a SOTI MobiControl, while OVS-Connect
provides connectivity to your existing MDM.

• OVS works in conjunction with SOTI MobiControl to provide much deeper asset insight
• Provides a single pane of glass to simplify the complexity of big data available from multiple source systems
• Automates interpretation through reporting and visual alerts related to the identification, condition and location of critical business devices
• Easy to understand actionable information based on trending and historical data
• Customized thresholds and dashboard views
• Includes integrated management platform with a SOTI MobiControl, or connects to your existing SOTI MobiControl solution

Key Features

  • Customizable online portal with easy-to-read, interactive dashboard
    View 22+ detailed reports. Visual alerts show devices outside thresholds you defined and where actions may be required. See and address device issues before they lead to downtime.
  • Visual alerts
    Configurable thresholds (red, amber, green) status indicators make it easy for administrators to determine what immediate actions are required to maintain device performance, device up-time and worker productivity.
  • Comprehensive reporting
    22+ ready-to-use operational reports allow you to view meaningful information the day your system is live. You can easily define the time period you want to view, as well as create additional custom reports.
  • Two options to meet the needs of any device management technology architecture: OVS and OVS Connect
    OVS includes complete no-hassle integration of one of the most well-respected industry leading
    MDMs, SOTI MobiControl into your environment, including enrollment of all of your Zebra devices. Already have an MDM in place? OVS Connect provides integration with your existing on-premise MDM solution.
  • Support for Zebra and Third Party Devices
    No matter what types of devices you have in your organization, OVS and OVS Connect can support them all: Zebra Android, Windows and CE mobile computers, Zebra Link-OS networked printers as well as third-party Windows, Android and iOS tablets and smartphones (available data may vary for non-Zebra devices).
  • Helpdesk and training for a complete solution
    OVS enables online access to the one SOTI Academy Training as well as OVS/OVS Connect Helpdesk support
  • Data Security
    Your critical device data from eligible mobile computers and printers is securely transmitted directly from operations and support systems.
  • Customizable High-level Dashboard Overview
    Deep operational insight into the operational status of all your eligible mobile
    computers and printers by site or device model
  • Compelling Events Overview
    Select the eight metrics you want to see on your opening dashboard view. Choose from 22+ reports, such as devices with low battery power, or utilization
  • Service/Repair Related Information
    View of the number of devices that are due to be shipped to the depot, the number of open cases, the number of devices that arrived at the Zebra service depot with “no trouble found”, as well as “no trouble found” data
  • Device Status
    View of Total Number of Devices, Active Devices, Out of Contact Devices (misplaced or stolen) and Newly Activated Devices
  • Battery Statistics
    Includes the number of critical battery events, battery discharge rate and average battery level
  • Link-OS Printer Statistics
    Includes the total number and total length of labels printed for individual printers, printers at a specific site or specific model; printer alerts; printer setting changes and more.
  • Device Location
    Provides last known location for all GPS-enabled devices that are connected to the GPS satellite.
  • Wireless Performance
    Monitor the status of your devices in either WLAN or WWAN environments
  • Asset Data
    Provides serial and model number; ‘friendly’ name; first and last seen dates and more
  • Case & Repair Queue and Resolution
    View number of open technical support cases and days open. See what devices are due into the repair depot, currently in repair, and shipped back repaired or as an advanced replacement


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