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By NetMotion Software



Mobile IQ transforms mobile data into actionable insights through customizable real-time dashboards and reports. Visualize your mobile deployment and receive proactive alerts that help keep your mobile workforce productive.

Key Features

  • Usage Patterns
    Spot bandwidth fluctuations that potentially indicate runaway data use by applications, users or devices. Uncover outliers that are consuming large amounts of bandwidth (such as strea
  • Wi-Fi Inspection & Heat Maps
    Wi-Fi use over public or private hotspots that you don’t directly control. Pinpoint performance and stability problems in your internal Wi-Fi networks
  • Device Problems & Root Cause Analysis
    Detect connection failures due to misconfigured devices, hardware problems or failing access points. Expedite troubleshooting and head off problems by spotting failure patters and drilling down to specific devices. Discover devices that are failing connection tests and the locations where they are failing, and understand the likely root-cause.
  • Network security
    Identify devices that are misused, lost or stolen, bypassing security measures, or used for data exfiltration. Know when users are connecting to rogue, unapproved or insecure hotspots.

Additional Resources

NM 2017 Mobile IQ Datasheet.pdf

NM 2017 Mobile IQ Datasheet.pdf

About Company

NetMotion mobile performance management and traffic optimization software accelerates business-critical applications, hybrid networks and mobile devices. Thousands of enterprises around the world depend on the company’s solutions to deliver application performance management, network optimization, adaptive policy control and secure remote access for their mobile workforces. NetMotion gives IT decision-makers robust intelligence and control over devices, applications and networks to increase operational efficiencies and end-user productivity.

NetMotion has received numerous awards for its technology and customer support. The company consistently receives an impressive customer satisfaction Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 91, significantly exceeding NPS averages in the technology and telecom industries.

The company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

Visit www.netmotionsoftware.com.


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