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SOTI SYNC 23 Recap

SOTI SYNC 23 Recap

That’s a wrap! There were exactly 1,448 days between the end of SOTI SYNC 19 (October 10, 2019) and the beginning of SOTI SYNC 23 (September 26, 2023) – but the wait was worth it.

For three action-packed, SOLD OUT days in historic Munich, Germany, SOTI partners and customers from around the world gathered to attend informative training sessions, hear from inspiring keynote speakers and celebrate each other’s success. And all throughout SOTI SYNC 23, attendees were able to check out the Exhibit Hall and participate in interactive breakout sessions jointly hosted by SOTI experts, partners and customers.

Before saying auf wiedersehen – that’s goodbye in German – we first want to thank everyone who traveled to SOTI SYNC. We also want to thank our sponsors whose contributions helped make SOTI SYNC 23 possible. We also congratulate all the nominees and winners of the 2023 Partner Awards at SOTI SYNC. After such a long wait, it was terrific to see everyone and to express our gratitude – in person – to the SOTI ecosystem of partners and customers who made SOTI SYNC 23 such a success.

Here are some of the highlights of SOTI SYNC 23.



Training Day

The first day of SOTI SYNC 23 – Training Day – was dedicated to knowledge, growth and empowerment. Attendees received in-depth training and grew their skill sets, courtesy of instruction from SOTI subject matter experts.

The best part of Training Day is that there was something for everyone:

  • Introductory courses: Partners and customers were “welcomed” into the products of the SOTI ONE Platform through an easy-to-follow 101-style course.
  • Bootcamps: Attendees could further their knowledge of the SOTI ONE Platform through bootcamps focusing on features and functionalities. Bootcamps were split into three levels: Associate, Professional and Expert.
  • Hands-on labs: There’s an old German proverb: übung macht den meister. It loosely translates to “practice makes the master” and that was reflected in our hands-on labs where attendees could get practice making apps with SOTI Snap and enrolling printers with SOTI Connect.
  • Certificate exams: Attendees looking to put their skills to the test participated in certification exams for SOTI MobiControl and SOTI XSight.

Gain Insight Into the Front Lines of Your Business

SOTI President and CEO Carl Rodrigues and SOTI SVP of Product Strategy Shash Anand took to the stage to answer a key question: if mobile field forces are the norm, how do organizations understand what’s happening on the “remote” front lines of business?

Together, Carl and Shash discussed how a new generation of tools and technologies from SOTI will serve up the intelligence and analytics needed to fine tune mobile operations. It isn’t enough for mobile devices to just “do” things – they need to “tell” organizations what’s going on with things like signal strength, data consumption and battery health.

This is the information businesses must have to make real-time decisions to maximize ROI, minimize downtime and deliver world-class levels of customer service.

Achieve Digitization and Profitability with SOTI Snap

Shash Anand shared the stage with leaders from Askari Sport GmbH, praedata and ncc guttermann GmbH to talk about two key challenges associated with manual processes: delays and inconsistencies due to human error.

The conversation then shifted towards how three organizations in leisure/retail, document management and computer consulting leveraged SOTI Snap to:

  • Streamline and automate manual business processes
  • Achieve digital transformation
  • Maintain profitability
  • Support end customers in their digitization journey

Bavarian Fun Night

It’s SOTI SYNC 23. In Munich. During Oktoberfest

SOTI SYNC 23 took over the Löwenbräukeller Beer Hall, one of the oldest breweries in the world, for an evening of celebrations, traditional German cuisine and, of course, beer. The evening kicked off with Carl Rodrigues following the tradition of opening and tapping the first keg “in as few blows as possible”.

From there, attendees were treated to an abundance of food, drinks and music for a night of networking, entertainment and awards. Prost – that’s German for cheers or bottom’s up – to everyone who joined us for the Bavarian Fun Night.

Driving Innovation in Your Business Operations with Transformative Technology

During SOTI SYNC 23, SOTI Chief Operating Officer, Mustafa Ebadi, was able to share the stage with some of our biggest partners to discuss the secrets to their success.

In this keynote address, Mustafa, alongside representatives from Peak Technologies Inc. and Honeywell, discussed driving innovation in your business operations with transformative technology in which real-life examples of how new technologies and tools can fine tune mobile operations and give SOTI customers a competitive advantage.

Intelligence in the Mobile Era

Oscar Rambaldini, VP of Product Management at SOTI and I, in my role as VP of Global Marketing, took the stage to present another keynote speech, Intelligence in the Mobile Era.

In this informative presentation, we discussed the inefficiencies and high costs organizations face with their business-critical mobile operations. In the mobile era, cost optimization is vital to the success of the enterprise. If every dollar isn’t working as hard – or as smart – as possible, it puts organizations at a critical disadvantage.

We also showcased SOTI’s product roadmap and discussed how innovations to the SOTI ONE Platform give businesses the intelligence and opportunities to accelerate business transformation and drive down operational costs.

Fireside Chat with Oliver Kahn

SOTI President and CEO, Carl Rodrigues, shared the stage with legendary footballer Oliver Kahn to take a journey through Oliver’s career – first as a goalkeeper – and then in Oliver’s post-playing career as a social entrepreneur and CEO of Oliver Kahn Foundation.

Carl and Oliver first discussed two topics which are applicable in sports, business and life:

  • The champion’s mindset
  • Conquering defeat

They discussed how these core qualities, which are learned through sports, can be used to construct long-term, sustainable success in all aspects of life. Carl and Oliver also talked about how leaders can leverage the champion’s mindset and conquering defeat as agents for positive change.

Finally, they discussed the game-changing role of technology in sports and how technology can result in smarter athletes, better results and fairer play.

SOTI Partner Award Winners

A big part of SOTI SYNC is to recognize and reward the efforts of our partners. Together, SOTI and our partners are forging the future of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM).

Winners were announced in multiple categories:

  • Global Winners
    • Global Value-Added Reseller of the Year: Peak Technologies Inc.
    • Global Hardware Partner of the Year: Honeywell Productivity Solutions and Services
    • Global Rising Star Award: Satcom Infotech Pvt Ltd.
    • Global SOTI XSight Partner of the Year: Timcod SAS
    • Global SOTI Snap Partner of the Year: ncc guttermann GmbH
    • Global SOTI Connect Partner of the Year: Zetes
  • Regional Winners
    • Americas Growth Champion Award: Barcoding Inc
    • APAC Growth Champion Award: PT GLOBAL ASIA SINERGI
    • EMEA Growth Champion Award: Signal Partners Oy
    • Americas Market Maker Award: Barcodes Inc
    • APAC Market Maker Award: Gamma Solutions Pty Ltd
    • EMEA Market Maker Award: Zetes

These Global and Regional award nominees were selected from over 4,000 companies that provide incredible customer value across industries around the world. And we thank and appreciate every single one of them for their constant support of SOTI.

Can’t Wait for the Next SOTI SYNC

SOTI SYNC 23 was three days to remember. It provided a glimpse into the future of technology while celebrating our partners and customers of today. The energy and enthusiasm of all attendees was infectious and we simply cannot wait to do it again.

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