SOTI Connect



February 05, 2024

Upgrade Requirements

To upgrade to version 2024.1, the minimum requirement is version 2024.0. Upgrading from any version other than 2024.0 is not supported.

Release Highlights

Visualization Enhancements

We've introduced additional widgets to Visual Boards in the Design Studio to enhance the user experience. This includes a customizable Textbox widget designed to help users in organizing their visual boards, offering a practical way to maintain a structured and easily accessible layout. Additionally, the newly introduced Slider widget enables users to effortlessly adjust device properties through an intuitive slider interface.

Active Directory and LDAP

Customers can now fortify user authentication and streamline access management in SOTI Connect by integrating with Active Directory and LDAP. This offers features like enabling Active Directory for streamlined authentication, creating users directly from LDAP, importing users in bulk for efficient management, incorporating groups from LDAP to ensure organizational consistency, and initiating password changes for enhanced security.

Cloud Link Integration

SOTI Connect is now integrated with Cloud Link, extending its communication capabilities to reach customer resources behind firewalls, with the current focus on supporting ADCS. This integration empowers Connect to access and utilize critical resources efficiently, offering customers with an extended feature set for a more comprehensive device management solution.

General Enhancements

Responding to customer usage scenarios, we have implemented several enhancements to improve the user experience. Firstly, Individual Automation Rules have been updated to support multiple device types, offering greater adaptability compared to the previous limitation of a single device type. Additionally, we made a modification to ensure that when an Automatic Group Mapping is deleted, devices will not be automatically removed from the group. This change allows users to maintain their device organization within respective groups even after the deletion of an Automatic Group Mapping.

Other Enhancements

This release features several minor enhancements designed to improve the overall SOTI Connect experience:

  • Macro Improvements
    • Enabling users to rename multiple devices simultaneously, leveraging available macros during the process
    • Users can utilize and send macros to devices that are specifically requesting information for various fields
  • Bulk Custom Attributes
    • Ability to bulk import a set of custom attribute values for a range of devices, using a common identifier such as MAC address or serial number.
    • Support for bulk import through CSV files, automatic overwrite of existing field values, and detailed information about failed CSV rows is provided by the system.

New Models

We have added or upgraded support for several models from our existing partners:

  • Zebra LinkOS 6.8 and 6.8.1

Resolved Issues

Jira ID # Issue Description
IOT‑17194 The device panel sorting rules encountered functionality issues.
IOT‑16852 The SNMP bulk import functionality lacked proper headers.
IOT‑18063 The DateTime custom attribute applied to the printer, was missing as a usable parameter under rules.
IOT‑15680 Offline-activated licenses had issues where the Connect web console remained usable even after the license had expired.
IOT‑18083 When upgrading/downgrading printer firmware to another DTD, the used device type does not change.