2024.0 SOTI Connect Release Notes Build 1 | October 11, 2023

Release Notes

Visualization Dashboards

The Visualization Design Studio now supports customers in creating fully customizable visual interfaces called dashboards. These dashboards provide a comprehensive view of multiple devices, whether it's an entire group or an entire system. Users can add widgets, such as charts, tables and more, to their dashboard pages for enhanced data visualization.

Camera Support

Customers can now manage their camera devices that use the ONVIF protocol, to conduct tasks such as registering, discovering, enrolling cameras, searching for new devices, performing bulk imports, and executing basic functions like check-in and set requests. This enables customers to see their cameras in an organized manner, ensuring efficient management and monitoring of their video assets. While the protocol allows SOTI Connect to find many manufacturers’ models, it is still recommended to manage only certified devices as ONVIF can be implemented differently per model.

SNMP Support (Phase 2)

In this phase of SNMP support expansion, we've introduced the ability to register devices with host names and discover and search for new devices with generic SNMP compatibility. With this, SOTI Connect can now support other manufacturers devices using SNMP as the protocol of choice, allowing SOTI to certify new makes, models, and even device types to be managed.

System Performance

We have made significant improvements to the system performance of SOTI Connect, ensuring greater throughput, faster user interface response, and support for larger installations. These enhancements include:

  • Moving all system components to .NET 6
  • Better caching usage
  • Reconfiguring historical data storage for speed and reduced size
  • Parallel message processing at the Protocol Adaptor level

New Models

We have added or upgraded support for several models from our existing partners:

  • TSC: DH240, 340, 220, 320
  • TSC: TH240, 340, 220, 320

Learn more about using these new features with What's New in SOTI Connect Online Help.

Resolved Issues

IOT-17594 SOTI Connect shows and defaults Tear-Off Position to -240 which is an 'Invalid Parameter'
IOT-17193 "Copy" rule should default to inactive status
IOT-17129 Device grid Search - Unable to filter for custom attributes with ENUM restricted fields
IOT-15680 Offline activated instances don’t expire

2024.1.0 Build 1 on February 05, 2024