Linux Agent


Build 0

June 07, 2021

Download the SOTI MobiControl Linux Agent for Zebra and the Zebra RFID enrollment utility from the SOTI MobiControl Device Agent Downloads page

Release Highlights

Manage New RFID Devices

You can now manage fixed RFID readers Zebra Fx7500 and Fx9600 that run on the device firmware versions 3.7.26 and 3.8.22. See this article for a complete list of supported functions.

Monitoring PA and Ambient Temperature

The SOTI MobiControl console enables fetching PA and ambient temperature for fixed RFID readers as custom data.

Configuring Fixed Reader Settings

It is possible to send and silently install XML-based device configurations via packages.

Renaming Devices

You can rename devices in the SOTI MobiControl console using the Rename device action.

Enrolling Devices in the HTTPS Mode

The RFID enrollment utility allows devices to communicate over HTTPS when enrolling into SOTI MobiControl.