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Indoor Location | Track Devices Indoors with SOTI MobiControl | SOTI

Indoor Location | Track Devices Indoors with SOTI MobiControl | SOTI

SOTI MobiControl Indoor Location, introduced in SOTI MobiControl 15.6, lets you locate a device, track its historical movements and establish geofences to protect and secure data – all within four walls – through Wi-Fi positioning and integration with Cisco CMX. SOTI MobiControl Indoor Location is a multi-tenant Cloud hosted solution which seamlessly integrates with instances of SOTI MobiControl that have SOTI Premium Plus and Enterprise Plus Service.

To learn more about SOTI MobiControl Indoor Location, check out this video and then scroll down to keep reading.

SOTI MobiControl Indoor Location

Protect Workers and the Bottom Line

Organizations do not have visibility regarding the indoor location of their business-critical mobile devices, and this lack of visibility has very tangible impacts. It is possible to lose 10,000 staff hours per year looking for lost devices at a cost of $300,000 (USD) in lost value and time.

It’s easy for a device to get lost or end up somewhere it shouldn’t, especially in a 400,000 sq. ft. warehouse. A simple mistake can lead to big bottom-line consequences for an organization:

  • Misplaced device: It can cost up to $50,000 USD in lost productivity, downtime, support and management to replace a lost device.

  • Unauthorized access to restricted areas: Prior to 2020, 16.7% of workplace injuries were caused by unapproved or accidental access to objects and equipment.

SOTI MobiControl Indoor Location can help in these scenarios. For the lost device, Indoor Location can find its current location (if the device is online) or its last known location (if the device is offline).

And for the unauthorized access to a restricted area (for example, a forklift crossing zone inside a warehouse), Indoor Location can set up indoor geofences. When a device and its user enter the geofence, an alert or message can be sent instructing them to exit immediately or exercise caution in a hazardous area.

Optimize Processes

SOTI MobiControl Indoor Location lets you track the historical travel patterns of a device within an interior environment. You’ll be able to see where a device started, its direction of travel, the stops it has made and how long it has taken to arrive at its current location.

For example, from the time an order is received, a warehouse worker – in accordance with company processes – must perform three tasks in three different locations before the ordered item can be loaded onto a truck. These three tasks must be complete within 15 minutes:

  • Task 1: Confirm the order

  • Task 2: Locate and pick up the item in the warehouse

  • Task 3: Load the item onto the truck

A delay in any of these steps results in a delay in drivers hitting the road. With historical travel pattern data from Indoor Location, organizations don’t have to guess or wonder whether devices are or aren’t where they should be at a specified time. They can access real-time information and make smart, informed decisions.

Here’s what historical travel patterns with SOTI MobiControl Indoor Location looks like:

SOTI MobiControl Indoor Location

Maintain Privacy

Indoor geofences allow you to disable device features such as camera access or access to specific apps. This ensures sensitive data – either on the device or inside a geofenced room – is protected and contained.

Additionally, there are certain areas – such as washrooms – where indoor device tracking should be turned off. SOTI MobiControl Indoor Location allows this via exclusion zone creation.

When a device enters an exclusion zone, it cannot be seen on the Indoor Location map and no data is collected or saved from the device. Once the device exits the exclusion zone, it reappears on the Indoor Location map and data collection and saving begins again.

Save Time and Money with Indoor Location

Want more information about Indoor Location? Here’s how you can get it:

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