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Technology in APAC Region

Technology in APAC Region

SOTI World Tour 2024 is underway, and our first stop is Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur offers world class infrastructure, strong economic foundations and well-connected global supply chains. It is a growing tech ecosystem and is ripe for networking, collaborating and knowledge exchange, making it the perfect place to host our first stop on the tour.

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Unleashing SOTI’s Technology Success Story

In the lively hub of the Asia-Pacific (APAC) SOTI excels as a global leader in technology across a diverse range of industries and sectors. Spanning across Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand, Greater China, the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand, SOTI's footprint in the region demonstrates an understanding of the unique technology needs of customers and partners across this diverse and fast-growing landscape. The success of SOTI in this region is hinged on the management of mission critical business devices across all different industries and sectors.

Customers Leading the Charge

Retail, transportation and logistics, healthcare, emergency services, oil and gas, aviation and micro finance are all key verticals for our business. SOTI has many success stories with renowned organizations in the region including: Australia Post, Cheap as Chips, V-Guard, the Royal Women’s Hospital and St Johns Ambulance New Zealand. SOTI has assisted these customers with remote monitoring, support and visualization of devices across vast geographical regions, through one single pane of glass.

One of Thailand's major retail giants relies on SOTI to manage over 100,000 of their business-critical devices, with this number quickly on the rise. The ease of use and scalability of SOTI is a key investment driver for our partners and customers in the region. In Singapore and Indonesia alone, SOTI has witnessed exponential growth fueled by the management of Android devices which makes up approximately 60% of devices supported in the region.


Mobile devices are far too intricate to rely solely on a basic device management solution. Customers have several device and operating system requirements, along with the necessity for managing multiple profiles on shared devices for compliance and security reasons. Consequently, the evolution from Mobile Device Management (MDM) to Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is evident, where SOTI stands out as a global leader through this transition.

Five Reasons Why SOTI is Successful in APAC

  1. Rapid Mobile Technology Adoption: Emerging markets in the region rely on mobile devices to manage their daily business operations, driving the need for effective EMM solutions.
  2. Heightened Security Concerns: Historically, low security awareness in countries such as India and Indonesia has made them vulnerable to cyber threats. Having a strong EMM solution is crucial for enforcing security policies and protecting sensitive data.
  3. Scalability and Flexibility: EMM solutions offer scalability regardless of an organization's size, crucial for managing growing organizations.
  4. Compliance Requirements: As emerging markets evolve in APAC, they encounter rising regulatory scrutiny. EMM solutions assist organizations in meeting these obligations by offering tools for monitoring, auditing and enforcing compliance policies across mobile device fleets.
  5. Remote Work Support: The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance and adoption of remote work, making EMM essential for supporting remote workers to stay productive.

Kuala Lumpur: The Gateway to SOTI World Tour

As we gear up for SOTI World Tour, Kuala Lumpur serves as an exciting place to land. It's the perfect place for SOTI to showcase its vision of technological excellence and explore new possibilities.

With two full action-packed days, attendees will have multiple training sessions to attend including Diagnostic Intelligence with SOTI XSight, SOTI MobiControl Best Practices and Android Enterprise Device Management. Experience engaging keynotes from SOTI's leaders, a demo zone of the latest technology and an opportunity to connect with industry experts to address specific business pain points.

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