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SOTI Snap 2024.1 | Generate Forms with AI | Approval Workflow Updates

SOTI Snap 2024.1 | Generate Forms with AI | Approval Workflow Updates

SOTI Snap 2024.1 makes the transition from paper to digital smooth and simple. Powerful new AI capabilities quickly digitize existing paper documents or creates new forms based on you simply describing the form you need.

With SOTI Snap, digitization doesn’t require months of planning and thousands of dollars. If you can sketch a form, upload an image or type words, you can digitize.

Go From Hand Drawn Ideas to Digital Forms in Minutes

The What

SOTI Snap digitizes forms based on existing documents. Upload a hand-drawn image of a form and SOTI Snap converts it to a digital version for immediate use or iteration. Upload a PDF form and SOTI Snap digitizes it fully.

The Why

Organizations resist digital transformation because it’s time-consuming and difficult. SOTI Snap overcomes these barriers with AI that automatically generates digital forms from existing documents or back-of-the-napkin sketches:

  • Already have a paper form you want to digitize? Just upload it and bypass the need for manual re-creation. SOTI Snap identifies fields on the form – date, name, etc. – and digitizes them with speed and accuracy. Paper becomes digital in less than a minute.
  • Just have an idea, paper and a pencil? That’s all you need. Draw a form, then photograph and upload it. SOTI Snap analyzes the drawing and creates a digital version. You now have a baseline form to start. Add widgets, make edits or rearrange sections for perfect customization.


Upload a PDF form in over 100 languages and SOTI Snap digitizes in its native language.

Create Digital Forms Just by Typing Words

The What

SOTI Snap generates forms from written prompts. Tell SOTI Snap what you want via a built-in prompt field (example “create an equipment order form”) or by uploading Microsoft Word or .txt files (example: “generate a contact us form with name, email, subject and message fields”). SOTI Snap takes the request and creates the form in seconds.

The Why

It’s expensive to digitize forms and build web apps. It’s why 62% of organizations view cost as a barrier to digital transformation.

Now, the time and costs of creating a digital form drop drastically. Know exactly what your form needs? Write it down, give it to SOTI Snap and receive your form in moments.

Or you can just start with a simple idea. SOTI Snap’s AI engine does the rest to instantly create the form. Users can articulate their needs in plain language. Once the form is created, SOTI Snap’s drag-and-drop interface makes customization easy.

Instantly Inform Managers of Approval Requests

The What

SOTI Snap gives administrators the ability to design Workflow applications centered around manager approvals. When a request is submitted in the app, it is seamlessly routed to the submitter’s manager for instant visibility and quick actioning.

The Why

Oftentimes, requests require multiple levels of approval. Imagine an employee named Steven whose manager is Laura. Steven often submits purchase order requests. The amount of the request dictates the approval process:

  • Request between $500 - $1,000: Laura’s approval only
  • Request between $1,001 - $2,500: Laura’s approval, followed by an approval from Laura’s manager OR bypass Laura and get approval from Laura’s manager only

SOTI Snap dynamically “looks up” the submitter manager and directs the approval request to them. Requesting approvals is more efficient for submitters and providing approvals easier and faster for managers.

Other New Features

  • Business Apps: Consolidate workflows into one app for next-level efficiency. Streamline management and boost productivity with customizable filters and status options tailored to your business needs.
  • Widget Search Bar: A convenient search bar placed atop the widget menu. The faster you find the widgets you want, the faster your business digitizes the forms it needs.
  • Custom Fonts: Upload custom fonts to SOTI Snap and make them accessible as you digitize forms. Maintain your organization’s brand and identity throughout the digitization process.
  • Export Rules for Approval Workflow Apps: Trigger other systems or apps immediately once any part of the approval process occurs. For example, if you submit a request and need to create a work order or incident ticket based on that request, SOTI Snap does it for you automatically.


These highlights are a fraction of what’s new in SOTI Snap.

View all the updates on the release notes page.

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