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SOTI Connect Supports Avery Dennison Printers | SOTI Connect

SOTI Connect Supports Avery Dennison Printers | SOTI Connect

There’s a reason this blog is launching right around NRF — because it’s at the retail industry’s largest trade show where the relationship between SOTI and Avery Dennison began.


For years, SOTI MobiControl, part of the SOTI ONE Platform, has supported Avery Dennison products such as the Pathfinder M06059 and M09418 Freshmarx Central. Today, that partnership grows as SOTI Connect now supports the following Avery Dennison hardware and solutions:



With SOTI Connect, organizations can deploy, manage, update and secure the business-critical Avery Dennison hardware and solutions listed above, whether they’re located across the street or around the world.

“Avery Dennison Identification Solutions provides our customers with devices, media and applications to support mission-critical item identification and visibility throughout their supply chains. SOTI Connect allows our customers to reduce the total cost of ownership required to manage these assets. The partnership between SOTI and Avery Dennison provides seamless integration of our devices into the SOTI Connect platform.”  - Andrew Evans, Product Manager, Avery Dennison

SOTI Connect Delivers Faster Deployment and More Uptime for Your Mission-Critical Avery Dennison Hardware and Solutions

Avery Dennison printers are purpose-built devices:

  • Trust Avery Dennison solutions to handle on-the-go price marking efficiently and accurately.

  • Transportation and logistics (T&L) companies use them to print shipping and packaging labels to keep goods moving through the supply chain.

  • Restaurant and hospitality services rely on Avery Dennison solutions to simplify food labelling in busy settings to ensure food inventory, information and freshness are always up to date.

Getting Avery Dennison hardware and solutions up and running quickly is critical, as is maintaining as close to 100% uptime as possible. Delays in deployment can slow down productivity, and printer downtime can result in late deliveries, dissatisfied customers and lost profits.

None of which are acceptable.

That’s where SOTI Connect comes in. Instead of shipping your Avery Dennison printer to multiple staging points before it reaches its destination (a warehouse, for example), SOTI Connect automatically configures it to meet your needs the second it joins your network. No need to plan and account for extra set up time and costs. Just ship it, turn it on and let SOTI Connect configure it for you.

SOTI Connect gives organizations complete lifecycle management of Avery Dennison printers from a single pane of glass. Many Avery Dennison printers are “at base” devices – which means they are in a remote location away from IT teams. In some cases, there isn’t anyone on site who can troubleshoot issues as they arise.

But they still need to be monitored, managed and secured.

SOTI Connect gives you total visibility and control over your Avery Dennison printers. Should a problem occur, you will be notified of it immediately, have the information needed to diagnose the issue and have the tools to solve it – no matter the distance between you and the printer. SOTI Connect also helps cut down on IT support costs, which is critical considering that over 50% of help desk calls are printer related.

Get More Value From Your Avery Dennison Printers with SOTI Connect

Once your Avery Dennison printers are hard at work, SOTI Connect ensures they stay that way. Here’s how:

  • Powerful Security Enforcement: Your Avery Dennison printers must be protected against the latest security threats. With SOTI Connect, you can enforce security standards, deploy firmware updates and provision certificates to keep them safe and secure. Again, you don’t need to physically interact with the printers to protect them, as SOTI Connect secures them remotely.
  • Track Your Assets: Should your Avery Dennison printers switch locations, SOTI Connect keeps track of where they are because they automatically join SOTI Connect as soon as they attach to a network. Let’s say a printer moves from a distribution warehouse to a retail outlet; SOTI Connect will acknowledge and configure it once it joins the retail outlet network while removing it from the distribution warehouse network. You will always know exactly how many printers you have and where they’re located without having to perform manual counts or retrace where printers have been.

Printers are No Longer Afterthoughts; They’re Essential

“Our customers have asked for more control and visibility over their Avery Dennison printers. SOTI understands the importance of hardware management, and they’ve developed a solution in SOTI Connect which delivers just that. It has all the critical data administrators need to manage their Avery Dennison printers via an easy-to-use interface. Working with SOTI has always been a pleasure because they share the same collaborative values we do – which is to give customers the tools they need to succeed.”  - Lin Pursel, Director of Software Development, Avery Dennison

 In just a few clicks, you have access to critical printer performance data such as:

  • Printhead temperature
  • Darkness levels
  • Print speed
  • Battery health
  • Memory and data usage

Also, in a world of connected devices, maintaining network security is paramount. SOTI Connect allows for secure management of device certificates and induction onto a secure network. This prevents unauthorized access, misuse or theft that can create a significant risk for an organization.


SOTI Connect takes the guesswork out of managing your Avery Dennison printers. You will have real-time insights into what they’re doing, and you can take remediation actions to resolve any issues – even if they’re thousands of miles away.

SOTI Connect and Avery Dennison: Ensuring You Keep Printing So You Can Keep Working 

You count on Avery Dennison for your business-critical printing needs, and now you can count on SOTI Connect to ensure your Avery Dennison printers are always online, secured and performing.

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