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Device Location Tracking | MDM Location Tracking | SOTI

Device Location Tracking | MDM Location Tracking | SOTI

This blog is part of an ongoing series around SOTI MobiControl’s Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) geolocation features. Click here to view all blogs in the series. 

SOTI MobiControl – part of the SOTI ONE Platform – gives organizations the ability to track the real-time movement of devices in the field. Visibility into the location of devices is critical to ensure organizational or industry compliance, protect employee safety and, should a device ever become lost or stolen, the ability to find it. 


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Regarding the ability to locate a misplaced device, approximately 4.3% of company issued smartphones are lost or stolen each year and of that 4.3% only 7% are recovered. In transportation and logistics (T&L), that means trucks sitting at the warehouse instead of hitting the road. In retail, handheld scanners are also at risk of being stolen or lost. In fact, an individual was caught stealing over 100 scanners at a loss of over $500,000 to retailers.  

Using 1,000 devices as a baseline, as it’s expected that 69% of organizations will manage 1,000+ devices by 2025, the math isn’t great: 

Lost or Stolen Devices Calculation

Consider the data stored on your corporate devices. Now consider that a single device compromised with data-stealing malware costs a business an
average of $9,485 (USD). And finally, consider the fact that when a single device is lost, an organization loses $50,000 (USD) in productivity. Now multiply those numbers by 40. That’s $379,400 lost to malware and $2,000,000 in lost productivity.  

Could you afford to have that many devices disappear and never be found? 

Probably not.  

Finding lost or stolen devices is just one benefit of EMM or Mobile Device Management (MDM). Check out the infographic below to learn the other smart reasons to track device location. 


Three reasons to track infographic


Device Location is Available in SOTI MobiControl 


SOTI MobiControl can monitor the real-time location of your business-critical mobile devices, no matter where they are. In the field, SOTI MobiControl uses a combination of the device’s GPS signal, Wi-Fi and cellular connections to determine device location. 

Your devices are critical to employee productivity, customer satisfaction and overall business success. Make certain you always know where they are with real-time device location tracking with SOTI MobiControl. 

For more information: 

Finally, if you want a live demonstration of SOTI MobiControl in action and the ability to ask questions and get answers in real-time from SOTI product experts, make certain you book your spot to attend SOTI SYNC 23 

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