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Summer 2023: SOTI Connect Update | Support for Zebra Printers via SNMP

Summer 2023: SOTI Connect Update | Support for Zebra Printers via SNMP

In June 2022, we announced SOTI Connect support for Zebra printers. Now, SOTI Connect 2.5 fully supports Zebra printers which utilize SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol). This support refers to legacy printers which are pre-LinkOS 6.7.

On one hand, many organizations have fleets of perfectly serviceable Zebra legacy printers. They may not utilize modern management protocols, but they provide the high-quality, reliable printing Zebra is known for. On the other hand, organizations were unable to manage them, thus being blind to the performance, health and security status of their devices. This is a risk as unmanaged printers are prone to excessive downtime, higher operating costs and security threats.

Now, that changes. IT administrators can manage, secure, troubleshoot and gain visibility into all their Zebra printers – and even use SOTI Connect to upgrade remote printers.


Key Features of SOTI Connect Support for Zebra Printers Utilizing SNMP

What does SOTI Connect support for Zebra printers via SNMP mean? More importantly, how does it bring value to your business-critical printing operations?

Automatic Printer Discovery and Enrollment

SOTI Connect now registers and discovers Zebra printers with the same ease, speed and convenience as it does with other printers. Instead of performing several manual, time-consuming steps, your Zebra SNMP printers are ready to be managed by SOTI Connect almost instantly.

Total Printer Inventory

A whopping 90% of organizations don’t know how many printers they have. SOTI Connect can search for Zebra printers even if the IP address isn’t known. Security, visibility and management gaps are closed and every printer is accounted for.

Wi-Fi Configuration

Remotely configure Wi-Fi settings for new or existing Zebra printers. SOTI Connect establishes consistent configurations for all devices and ensures a secure connection. As Wi-Fi policies change or certificates expire, use SOTI Connect to update Zebra printers automatically over-the-air (OTA) without having to ship them to a central location or take them out of service.

Remote Configuration

SOTI Connect can send new configurations to Zebra printers. That means even older printers can be set up to meet the current printing needs of the business. This also ensures greater printing consistency, performance and management of both older and newer Zebra printers.

Firmware File Installation to Upgrade Newer Devices

Firmware files are critical to ensuring printers are secured and protected against the latest security threats. After all, a print-related data breach can cost an organization more than $956,000 (USD, converted from GBP). SOTI Connect now allows firmware files to be installed into Zebra printers, ensuring they are immune to data threats and theft.

Support for File Downloads

Files can now be downloaded from SOTI Connect to Zebra SNMP printers. Using the File Store, IT administrators can upload files to SOTI Connect which can be pushed to devices. Files can be conveniently sent to devices as a Device Action, an Action Rule or an Automation Rule.


SOTI Connect: Providing Support to Zebra Printers

Organizations choose Zebra because of its reputation for delivering consistent, reliable and high-quality printing.

And organizations rely on SOTI Connect to manage Zebra printers with powerful functionality and easy convenience that’s exceptional in the industry.

For years, SOTI and Zebra have worked together to deliver quality and innovation. And now, with SOTI Connect support for Zebra printers utilizing SNMP, customers like you get even more of both.

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