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Visualize Business Mobility | Live View | SOTI XSight

Visualize Business Mobility | Live View | SOTI XSight

Business mobility has been adapted by organizations to drive down costs and increase worker productivity as employees can work from anywhere and access company resources on the go. It is no surprise that organizations have increased their number of devices by 37% globally. For this to be effective, it requires seamless communication and digital connectivity.

Organizations lack a transparent view of frontline operations, leading to increased operational costs and inefficiencies. 52% of organizations claim that even with the appropriate budget in place, they would not know where to start. To guide their decisions and get ahead of any issues, organizations need to rely on real-time data about their mobile devices, app investments and strategies.

With SOTI XSight, customers unlock operational intelligence on their apps and devices to identify patterns and detect anomalies. Organizations can use our prediction engine to make smarter decisions about battery replacements to avoid device downtime or use the Signal Strength Dashboard to optimize delivery routes by monitoring signal strength.





Live View,* the first tool of its kind, consolidates business and device data, allowing organizations to visualize their operations in real-time on a map or in a list for a holistic view of their operations. Organizations can use the Live View Map to visualize their device and business data as their devices are on the move, in real-time. They can also use the Live View List View to visualize the same data from devices that are indoors. Devices appear with device data (such as the battery level and signal strength) alongside business data such as inventory levels, delivery status and anything else the business chooses to add.

With an increased reliance on business mobility, organizations need to invest in devices, batteries, cellular data plans and apps that are used for business-critical tasks. If they have no real-time visibility into their device fleet and business operations, organizations are forced to make blind decisions with no data to back them up. If an organization has no visibility into the use, health and effectiveness of these items, they cannot manage them in a cost-effective way and are forced to be reactionary towards any issues.

Challenge #1: Lack of a Holistic View of your Entire Device Fleet and Being Able to Predict Issues

Use Case: A delivery driver is picking up inventory from a warehouse and delivering it to different retail stores. The driver relies on their device for information about their route and inventory status, so they know how much inventory needs to be delivered to each store. If their device stops working, they lose productivity and business operations get disrupted. To ensure that the device is fully functional, it needs to have a strong and consistent cellular signal connection.

With no visibility into their devices, organizations wouldn’t be able to identify if this signal strength issue is isolated to one device or if a specific area has low signal strength. If the issue is in a specific area, other devices and delivery drivers could also be impacted, further reducing productivity.

With SOTI XSight Live View, organizations can have a holistic view of their business mobility in real-time so they can identify issues across all their devices rather than monitoring devices separately. If any issue is presenting a pattern or impacting a geographical area, it’s important to proactively identify the issue and take preventative measures so that it does not impact worker productivity. Organizations can also use Live View to go back in time (up to two hours) and study situations at specific times to remedy issues and keep business operations running smoothly.

By using Live View and studying the data in the area and from the past few hours, organizations can determine reasonable corrective actions and either reroute their delivery drivers or proactively raise awareness to the field about a known issue.

Technologists using SOTI XSight Live View

Challenge #2: Increased Operational Costs

Use Case: As delivery drivers pick up and drop off inventory, they need to ensure they are accurately updating their business apps with delivery status so there is always a real-time update of inventory flow.

With no visibility into their devices, organizations wouldn’t be able to identify when and where a delivery status was updated incorrectly. If there was a missed or incorrect update, this could affect the inventory numbers for the day and then have further impacts to the inventory flow and then impact future orders and costs.

With SOTI XSight Live View, organizations can go back in time (for up to two hours) and check when delivery status was updated by each delivery driver so that the incorrect or missing update can be pinpointed and further investigated as to why it happened. For example, the driver’s device could have lost cellular signal and the update could not have gone through.

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SOTI XSight – part of the SOTI ONE Platform – is a diagnostic intelligence and support solution with the tools needed to proactively fix mobile device problems before they occur. SOTI XSight takes analytics-based insights and visualizes them in real-time to enable smarter, data-driven decisions.

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*SOTI XSight Live View - Patent Pending

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