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Fall 2023: SOTI Snap Update | SOTI Snap | SOTI

Fall 2023: SOTI Snap Update | SOTI Snap | SOTI

SOTI Snap, part of the SOTI ONE Platform, helps organizations digitize the manual, paper-based processes in minutes or hours, not days, weeks or months.

The release of SOTI Snap 2024.0 is one of the biggest updates ever to SOTI Snap. It’s packed with new, time- and money-saving features and now integrates with SOTI XSight. And in case you’re wondering, we changed the version names of our products to provide a predictable and regular cadence of releases customers can follow.

Now, let’s look at some of the key features of this release.

SOTI XSight Topics

The What

Now available in SOTI XSight is Live View. Live View allows businesses to visualize their operations in real time. IT teams can access a map to visualize customizable data about their device’s location and performance in real time. Business can visualize their operations (inside and out) and get intelligence to proactively address potential device and business issues before they become larger problems.

SOTI XSight Topics is a new capability within SOTI Snap which allows customizable app data to be viewed on a SOTI XSight Live View map. This gives organizations a holistic, unified view of everything that’s happening with their device fleet and business operations on a single screen. While the Live View map tells you what’s going on with the status of your devices, SOTI XSight Topics pulls in SOTI Snap app data at the same time, giving you insights into your business operations as they progress over time.

It's the best of everything: access to the device data and app data which power your business-critical mobile operations.

The Why

Organizations need to have real-time insights into the data that’s being collected in a SOTI Snap app and reference that against what is happening with the devices which are collecting that data.

Here’s a scenario: a transportation and logistics (T&L) organization specializing in hospitality goods is delivering beer, food and supplies to restaurants throughout the city. The SOTI XSight Live View map tells business operations the location, speed and signal strength of a tablet that is on the delivery truck. The delivery driver uses a SOTI Snap app installed on that tablet to update inventory levels as they make their deliveries during the day.

So, you have device performance data and business data – in this case, the inventory of goods on the truck being delivered to restaurants – that business operations needs to be aware of.

Business operations can see, for example, if the truck is behind on its deliveries (through its inventory levels) and if it’s speeding to get back on schedule (through the speed of the tablet that’s on the truck). In this case, a message could be sent to the driver reminding them to slow down.

Here’s another use case: Business operations can also see – via the SOTI Snap app data that’s being constantly updated – if inventory levels are where they should be. For example, for the first stop of the day, the delivery driver is required to drop off 12 cases of beer. The driver delivers 15 instead and enters this information on their SOTI Snap app. Business operations can see that 15 cases were delivered when only 12 cases were ordered. Looking at the SOTI XSight Live View map, business operations can see the driver is still in the area of their first stop and contact them to turn around and retrieve the three additional cases. Otherwise, they will not have enough to complete all their deliveries for the day.

That’s two examples of SOTI XSight Topics helping organizations leverage deeper intelligence to make smarter data-driven decisions in real-time. SOTI Snap integration with SOTI XSight Live View reduces the time required to fetch and act upon critical or time-sensitive data that’s collected from an app. SOTI XSight Topics streamlines your data retrieval, making it faster and more accurate with data directly from the source.

Business Card Reader

The What

Take advantage of the camera built into your mobile device to now scan, save and retrieve business card data into a SOTI Snap app.

The Why

You could spend time manually entering business card data into a spreadsheet; and risk either missing details or writing down information incorrectly. Or you could now automate that process using OCR (optical character recognition) technology. Simply take a picture of a business card and SOTI Snap will automatically capture the critical contact details: name, email address, company, etc.

Once that information is collected, SOTI Snap automatically saves it for quick searchability and easy access.

Dynamic Approvers

The What

The evolution of SOTI Snap Workflow continues as users can now select workflow approvers from a configured list.

The Why

Multiple people have the ability to approve something like an inspection report in a T&L shipping depot or purchase order for product racks for a retail warehouse. With Dynamic Approvers, users can choose from a list of pre-defined approvers while submitting a workflow request.

Before, approval requests would be sent to a single individual. But what if that person was on vacation? What if they changed roles within the organization? What if they left the organization altogether? There could be a gap and the approval request becomes stuck. Depending on the industry and the type of request, 92% of missed deadlines are due to approval request delays.

Dynamic Approvers help combat against the scenario above. If a submitter needs Jane to approve a request, but Jane is unavailable, then the submitter can select the name of another designated approver from a dropdown list and send the request. No need to create multiple apps, no need to wait for a single approver to be available. And no need for efficiencies or processes to grind to a halt.

Manage Workflow Approvals from the Web

The What

No mobile device? No problem. Approval Management from the Web allows users to engage with workflow records without a mobile device. Now, by logging into a web app, users can access and review workflows in progress and take any required action. All that’s required is an Internet-connected device with browsing capabilities.

The Why

Approval Management from the web in SOTI Snap provides greater convenience and control for approvers. If they wish to access their pending requests via a desktop or laptop computer rather than from a mobile device, they can.

Approvers have more options and greater flexibility when it comes to request approvals, resulting in:

  • Better response times from approvers
  • Faster, more efficient business processes
  • Anytime, anywhere access to your workflow process, regardless of device and location

Additionally, Approval Management from the Web gives users the benefit of large screen browsing and searching. Furthermore, this allows users the ability to provide approvals in a timely manner without having to first download yet another mobile app.

Digitize Processes Easily with SOTI Snap

An overwhelming majority of organizations (72%) believe business at the speed of paper will be unacceptable. SOTI Snap empowers businesses to make the switch from pen-and-paper to digital to streamline data collection and approval processes.

Need to view all your critical business operations in a single place with SOTI XSight Topics? Want to see how the Business Card Reader quickly captures information? Ready to digitize your approval processes with Dynamic Approvers and Approval Management from the Web? Here’s how you can get started with SOTI Snap:

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